Do you like to freak out? Enjoy watching videos through your fingers as you cover your face, rock back and forth and mumble no no no no? If you're on the fence about the answers to those questions, maybe you should stay sober as you give these vids a peruse.

I hate these videos.

AlexandeR RusinoV: Dangerous Games 4

Click here to see AlexandeR RusinoV in action

Russian gymnast, Parkour freak, AlexandeR RusinoV, you made me stop breathing for two minutes.

Clayton Hoyt Butler: Ski Base Front Flip

In addition to jumping off cliffs on skis, Clayton enjoys flying in wing-suits and skydiving off of buildings.

Kirill Oreshkin: Getting High with Russia's Spider Man

Kirill Oreshkin from the Ukraine, friends with Mustang Wanted, makes me nauseous. Wanna freak out? Skip to about 1:45. WHAT IS HE DOING??

Geoff Gulevich: Rampage '13

Geoff Gulevich is a stunt rider. He says he had 10,000 hours of practice before this video. Still

Mustang Wanted: Compilation of CRAY CRAY

Ukrainian Mustang Wanted could be considered the king of the crazy daredevil climbers. He even scored an interview in Esquire Magazine. Not surprisingly, he is often rumored to have died.