You: Who has papers?
Them: [silence]
Someone: Yup, I ya go.
Label: Strawberry Flavored! Ew!
You: [moment]...Does anyone else have papers? Them: [silence]

So there you are. Your inner MacGyver is tingling. It's time to save the day...but how? How? HIGH TIMES swoops in with some ass-saving marijuana pipe solutions....

I have a can!
Oldie but a goodie. Someone there is drinking something. Remember that one time Julie brought over that can of Shasta?

That's a pipe.

There's an apple.
So, I guess you're hiking? You're probably treating your body right. Having a healthy day up the mountain. Gosh this air is clear!

That's a pipe.

I have a hunk of wood!
You couldn't get a day off...but that means you're at work...there's power tools at work!

Pipey, pipey, pipe, pipe, pipe!

Wait a second...Everyone! Empty your pockets!
So...many...options. Keys? Phone? Wallet? Money! NO! Candy? Starburst? STARBURST!

I get to eat it when we're done smoking!

Um ... I've got a Pizza Slice?
Let's face it. This is what you're probably gonna do.

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