Marijuana is a devilish drug that could lead to addiction, increased risk for illness, and in some cases, a degenerate life plagued with suicidal thoughts and schizophrenia.

These ridiculous claims are just a few of the countless misrepresentations that the White House has been making for several decades regarding the effects of marijuana use.

In fact, this onslaught of political horseshit has been stinking up our stables for so long that we felt it was time to clean some of the White House propaganda so we can continue getting stoned without swatting at flies.

Here are the top five White House Weed lies:

1. White House Lie: Marijuana is growing increasingly more popular in young people because attitudes about the risks of marijuana use are softening.
Stoner’s Truth: Marijuana is becoming more widely accepted because all the facts pertaining to its use point towards prohibition being counterproductive to society.

2. White House Lie: Proposed legislation for the legalization of marijuana conflicts with public health and safety.
Stoner’s Truth: Marijuana has been proven to help relieve symptoms of devastating diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS. In regards to safety, marijuana is safer than alcohol, which kills over 75,000 people each year across the United States; and prescription drugs, which is responsible for killing over 100,000 people a year. A pot OD usually takes the form of a really good nap.

3. White House Lie: If marijuana is legalized, cost would go down, which would ultimately increase its usage.
Stoner’s Truth: Legalized marijuana prices will not likely go down because of taxes and other variables required by government regulations would be added. In addition, marijuana usage does not necessarily increase where it is legal. A recent report on the Top 10 Stoner States indicates that weed-friendly states Colorado and Washington rank 3rd and 11th, respectively, for states where the most pot is smoked.

4. White House Lie: Legalizing marijuana would cause an increased burden to the criminal justice system.
Stoner’s Truth: Legalization of marijuana would serve to keep many people out of the criminal justice system. Nearly 750,000 people are arrested each year for varying degrees of marijuana offense. Keeping even half of those people out of the criminal justice system would diminish the burden immensely.

5. White House Lie: Tax revenue generated by the legalization of marijuana would be absorbed by elevated social costs.
Stoner’s Truth: The social costs of alcohol and tobacco have continued to outweigh the revenue they generate, but that has not stopped them from becoming the most socially acceptable and legal drugs in the nation.