You’re melting like a gooey dab on a nail! Summer has arrived, and it is hot, hot, hot. You need some pot, pot, pot! How can you get lit while avoiding torches, lighters and other sources of heat? Hmmmm.

How about making a bong out of ice?

And then you can throw it on the ground!

Or, you can take it to the beach, get your friends stoned cold and keep your beer cooler frosty too!

You can strip down, fill your washing machine with ice and a bunch of marijuana, and get chilly while making a bee-you-ti-iful batch of ice wax:

Not enough weed on hand to fill your washing machine? Stay cool with a small-scale version for the DIY amateur!

Ok, you worked hard. Now you need a nap:

Aaand you’re awake! Ugh… it’s still so hot out, it feels like you’re melting -- or maybe you’re telepathic:

Time for a snack. Ice cream?


And for a final, perfect touch of dankness on your day, try a Lawnmower. With pot leaf ice cubes!

Stay cool, stoners. It’s going to be a gooooooood summer.