The weekend is coming, and while many people make it a point to get out and do stuff, just as many prefer to sleep the days away. Here's seven reasons to snuggle in and snooze.

That earthy aroma ignited last night still lingers
There’s a haze in your head from the bud burnt in the earlier morning. Sooooo sleepy.

It’s already 2 in the pm, so meh
The day’s already fucked. Grind and roll. Lick and light. Rip and cough. Blazing haze. And the big bag of Doritos beckons.

You have a TV in your bedroom
Look at all the bullshit on TV. Sometimes from bullshit bloom weird flowers. Sometimes bullshit piles on bullshit. Sometimes "Breaking Bad" or "Adventure Time" or "Tim n Eric" is on.

You have a window, too
Sun and city or sun and country feebly beckon the sated bedridden. Time to smoke.

Time to nap
What is a bed for if not sleep? Snooze and lose a few more hours.

It’s your goddamn day off, and you’re an adult
I’m an adult, you might say. Contemplate your absolute inadequacy to complete the tasks you have set before yourself. Then fluff the pillows and snooze some more.

An existential crisis is best treated while horizontal
It's a fact, when somber and desolate preoccupations chew at your brain, remaining horizontal keeps the full-on meltdown at bay.