The TDC are volunteers who pay their own travel. They work 12-to-16 hour-days for a week and expect nothing in return. They believe cannabis is a sacrament, and the Cup is a spiritual event. They feed and care for the celebrity judges. They code and protect the ceremonial jars. They handle the sacred objects and carry the altar. They count every vote. They learn all jobs, teach all jobs, and chop more wood and carry more water than the average being.

The 19th Cup was about honoring Barry "Plunker" Adams, Garrick Beck and Richard Lee for their service to our culture. And also about honoring the favorite strains found in Amsterdam at this particular time.

Since creating the Cannabis Cup, High Times has inducted such counterculture icons as Mezz Mezzrow, Jack Herer, Ina May Gaskin and many more. They produce docmentaries on these figures, some of which are available for free on the internet. Producing this history and honoring these people is important and significant work. And no one else is doing anything like it. The TDC have explored cannabis spirituality in ways that are revolutionary and inspiring. Their ceremonies are always improvisational.

When you call TDC "morons" you are offending the ceremonies.

TDC run on vibrations of love and compassion. They welcome all. The ceremonies are designed to heal and harmonize.

We hope that someday you can come to the ceremonies with a new heart and clear mind and see the good here. In the meantime, try to show some respect for those who work so hard to make it happen.

May the vibes be with you...