A few years ago I asked an Alaska State Trooper, “If you had a choice of either having alcohol or marijuana legal which one would you pick?” Without hesitation he said, “Oh, marijuana! People who drink get drunk, get in their cars, drive fast, go home and beat up their families. People, who smoke marijuana get stoned, get in their cars, drive slowly, go home and eat and play with the kids.”

It’s always amazed me that alcohol and tobacco, two of the most insidious drugs available, are accepted by the government, while a relatively benign drug like marijuana is illegal.

Marijuana does not lead to harder drugs. If a person has an addictive personality, he or she will find something to be addicted to. If anything, it’s alcohol that will take a person closer to hard drugs. Alcohol and cocaine go hand in hand.

Let’s regulate marijuana and give the government another source of revenue.