Story and photos by Danny Danko

Upon arrival in Amsterdam, my colleague and I check into our hotel and immediately set out to find some strong sativas to power us through our first day and avoid the inevitable jet lag caused by overnight flights. Sitting in the Grey Area and puffing on some Blueberry Haze, my thoughts turn to supply and demand. The economics of the Dutch scene are strange: Coffeeshops can sell small amounts of cannabis but can’t possess more than a day’s worth at any time. Growers and middlemen must provide a steady supply of sensi to keep these places thriving. Where do they get enough buds to keep a constant stream of visitors stoned? I was here to find out.

Unraveling DNA
The DNA boys are fresh off of back-to-back HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup wins in the Seed Company category, first in 2004 (third-place indica for LA Confidential) and then in 2005 (first-place sativa for Martian Mean Green, and second-place indica for LA Confidential). They’re determined to show that those awards were no flukes and that their strains stand up to the best in the world. As soon as we meet up, D and A proceed to smoke us out with some Martian Mean Green they’d been saving since the Cup.

New companies on the seed scene here are always suspect, and DNA Genetics’ quick successes engendered a fair amount of jealous chitchat around town. After spending some quality time with the boys, I can assure you that they are for real. I toured their mother-plant facility, their breeding lab and a huge room where they were growing their strains, and at every level, their expertise and professionalism shone through.

The mother plants reside in their own private area, and some are clearly more than three years old. Clones are rotated constantly and seedlings grown out by the hundreds for testing before being released to the public. DNA Genetics combine tried-and-true California strains they brought here with their chosen selections from around the world to create new breeds of bud that are in high demand everywhere.
Their breeding facilities consist of tightly enclosed grow tents. A prized flowering male in the center towers over chosen females and drops pollen onto their waiting buds. Extreme care is taken to avoid pollen contamination from other plants, and the parents are carefully selected for this process. Once the females swell with mature seeds, they are carefully harvested and sorted for testing and sale.