Marijuana has sparked some of the best conversations I’ve ever had – I’m sure you can relate. Recently, my friends and I were discussing which celebrities (dead or alive) we would most like to smoke with. While obvious choices like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Cheech and Chong immediately come to mind, it’s more fun to venture out into more creative choices. With that in mind, here are the five people on my “Ashtray List.”

Sarah Silverman
My list starts off with a familiar face to HIGH TIMES, comedian and actress Sarah Silverman. With paparazzi photos surfacing in July of 2011 showing Silverman lighting up in a public parking lot, it’s clear she’s not trying to hide her love of pot. Her appearance on Doug Benson’s Getting Doug With High featured her pulling tubes and ripping bowls alongside fellow comedian Todd Glass, and it looks like she knows what she’s doing. The combination of her humor and some Haze would have even the most serious people rolling on the floor laughing.

Jerry Garcia
The next spot goes to a personal hero. As the leader of the Grateful Dead and a key part of the 60s counterculture, Jerry Garcia absolutely loved pot. In a 1989 Rolling Stone interview, Garcia spoke about the war on drugs, saying, "It's a joke. Greed and the desire to take drugs are two separate things. If you want to separate the two, the thing you do is make drugs legal. Accept the reality that people do want to change their consciousness, and make an effort to make safer, healthier drugs."

If that quote alone doesn’t make you want to share a “High Time” with Captain Trips, think about the amazing stories he’d have from his 30 years on the road with the Dead.

Louis CK
Since comedians are already funny without pot, it made sense to add Louis CK to the list. Fans of his FX show, Louie, might remember an episode in which his neighbor pressures him into hitting a bong. Others know his pot-centric standup bits like stealing scales to trade for ounces when he was younger, or smoking pot with some fans after a Kansas City performance.

He may have slowed his roll since his youth, but his stories about Mary Jane indicate that a session with Louie is guaranteed to be one for the books.

Bill de Blasio
So he may not be entertaining the idea of legalizing pot in New York City just yet, but Mayor de Blasio still makes my list. Jay-walking around Central Park with the new mayor would be the perfect way to get to know him.

Unlike his predecessor, de Blasio looks to end racial profiling and minor marijuana possession arrests. He’s even admitted to puffing in his past, so maybe the city is one step closer to becoming the Big Apple Bowl.  

Larry King
As one of the best-known talk show hosts, Larry King would be a pleasure to toke with. King’s done quite a few interviews surrounding pot, like his talks with HT faves Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg.

During a sit-down with Rolling Stone front man Mick Jagger, he got onto the topic of marijuana, from legalization to the musician’s run-in with the law. He’s never been afraid to ask about marijuana, nor has he shied from asking about its legalization.

It would be a ball to dab Larry out and learn more about his life spanning from Brooklyn in the 30s to his days now.

If you’ve already started assembling your own dream team of tokers, share it with us. We want to hear your “Ashtray List” in the comments below.

Tyler Curtis is a freelance reporter for HIGH TIMES covering the music scene and all things weed.