So, here’s the scoop. An employee of a California Baskin Robbins was busted earlier this week after selling weed to a couple of undercover drug agents during his shift.

According to reports, Belmont police received an anonymous tip claiming that 20-year-old Martin Abinader was dealing marijuana out of a local Baskin Robbins. Of course, never missing an opportunity to work around junk food, the police launched a full-scale stakeout of the ice cream shop followed by a six-week investigation, which unfortunately led to this cone head getting busted.

Belmont Police Captain Pat Halleran told reporters that Abinader did not get himself popped because he was carelessly selling pot to just anyone that looked like a stoner. "He didn't sell to just anybody -- you couldn't just walk in and say 'Hi, I want to buy drugs from you," said Halleran. "The investigators learned what they needed to say to get him to sell to them."

Interestingly, we suspect Abinader’s Baskin bud operation had some longevity. His Facebook page, which eloquently describes his employment status as “I run shit at Baskin Robbins,” says he had been slinging ice cream from the Belmont store for over six years. However, while we would like to believe Abinader managed to get away with his dime bag operation for sometime, investigators say they are unsure exactly how long the operation was functional.

Unfortunately, Abinader got the big stick. He was charged with dealing marijuana as well as possession of cocaine and concentrated cannabis.

Man, that’s cold.

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