BBQ is always a good option for the munchies, but things get a little illegal when a BBQ restaurant becomes the center for a North Carolina marijuana operation. Especially when that restaurant is across from a day care center.

Smokey’s BBQ Restaurant located in Gaston County first underwent investigation in November of 2013 for selling over 30 pounds of marijuana to an undercover agent. The street value of the marijuana is said to be over $137,000 and police believe the restaurant was the center of a grow operation running in the northern part of the county.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Three people have been arrested, including the owner, Donnie Allen Wooten. Wooten was charged with over two-dozen charges of selling, delivering, and manufacturing marijuana. Michael Gene Huffman was charged with over 50 counts including the possession, manufacturing, and conspiring to sell marijuana. Tausha Michelle Mixon was charged with several counts of possession, manufacturing, and conspiring to sell marijuana as well.

Police are continuing to look for their fourth suspect, Jessica Dannette Plummer, who has outstanding warrants of possession, delivering and manufacturing marijuana.