By Logan Edwards
Photos by Big Croppa

Choosing Your Space
The best growrooms begin with a well thought-out plan. Most indoor growers benefit by carefully designing their growrooms and writing their plans down on paper. Maintaining an indoor growroom allows you great influence over how well your plants perform. With the right planning, preparation and execution, you can use your chosen space to harvest your own tasty buds three, four and even five times more often than Earth’s seasonal nature allows.

Marijuana is grown in all kinds of places: perfectly built greenhouses, closets, basements or spare bedrooms. Every place has its advantages and drawbacks, but some simple guidelines should be followed when selecting a space.

1. You don’t want any light to enter or leave the room.
The brightness, and especially the color, of the lamps used can draw your neighbors’ attention. From the plants’ point of view, it’s even more important that no light gets in. The hormones that trigger the process of flowering are initiated by 12 solid hours of darkness. Only if the plants are kept in total darkness for 12 hours per day will these hormones be able to initiate flowering.