Hey, West Coast party peeps! Catch B.o.B. headline the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup at NOS Center on Saturday February 9th in San Bernadino, CA. We had a chance to sit down with him recently and learn more about his views on legalization, methods of medicating and what an amazing time he had performing at the Cup in Amsterdam two years ago.

Recalling his past Cannabis Cup experience he said, “People were really high out there. I’d never done a show where it’s like, ‘These are the fashion kids. These are the cool kids.’ That shit was crazy. I’ll do shows where there are parents and kids there. You’ll think everybody’s clean cut until I do ‘Strange Clouds’ or something and then all the blunts come out. Then everybody wants to pass me a blunt. I’m like, ‘What? Where were y’all at?’

As a smoker, B.o.B. prefers traditional methods. “Raws are good if I got the cones.  I like white boys, Zig Zags… I can do the tobacco paper but that’s hard to find.” Wiz Khalifa was the one who introduced him to the heavy-hitters’ world of dabs. “When I did a dab I just passed out. I want the tree. I want to roll it up and smoke it.”

B.o.B is highly supportive of the medical use of marijuana. “Jeremy, bass player from Paramour, was telling me a story about a friend who had melanoma. The friend came in contact with some cannabis oil and it cured the skin cancer.  They won’t document it or put it in records because they want to keep it illegal.”

He’s relieved that marijuana laws are loosening but realizes that some people insist the plant is an unwanted thorn in their sides. “People are so crazy when they go out into the woods and destroy the plant. At that point, it’s not even being used.  It’s just there existing naturally. I saw these videos online of people just chopping it down and burning it. I mean, you might as well smoke it.” He had a brief brush with the legal aspects of enjoying the plant. “I would never go through customs again with weed. I was driving and they found a blunt but thankfully it was too small for them to test.”

B.o.B. believes that marijuana opens the mind and alters the way people think in a positive way. “I want to say something to all smokers out there. Don’t underestimate the certain areas of your brain you’ve unlocked. 'Cause you run into some people and you’re like ‘You’re not a smoker are you?  I’m so sorry.'”

In reference to his collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, “High As Hell,” B.o.B. jokes, “It’s about saying no to drugs and doing the right thing in the community.”  B.o.B. laughed, “Don’t drink and drive. Smoke and fly. It solves everything. All your problems.” When asked where he wants to play another stoner friendly event he asked, “Anybody out there in Washington state? I’m dying to go there. Strictly for the fans… you know.”