My story begins when I chose to attend college in a small redneck town in Georgia. Being from Atlanta I had easy access to excellent bud but in this small town good bud was extremely rare, and way overpriced. In order to remedy this problem I began bringing back a few ounces of bud with me every time I went to Atlanta. I was selling bud but no more than two ounces a week. Keeping most of the stash to smoke myself.

I did this successfully for a few years. We had the best weed around. My close friends and I stayed high and everything was great as I was entering my final semester.

I started to get frequent phone calls from an acquaintance from high school that was going to the same college as me. He wanted to get some weed. I was nervous about it at first because I knew the kid had been arrested before and typically in this small college town the cops were very hard on drug offenders. Many of them rolled over and became narcs.

The first time he bought a quarter bag from me everything was fine, he started to earn my trust back a little. He came over a few weeks later and bought another quarter. I didn’t realize the second time he came over he was wearing a wire, not to mention there were undercover officers waiting in the car outside.

The cops contacted my school and got my schedule. They waited until I left for class and came into my house. They then called me and told me to come home.

When I arrived the cops were inside of my house without a warrant. They asked to search the place and I told them to get a warrant, thinking they would leave and I could flush my stash and toss out my digital scales. The cops told me they would stay in the house while one of the cops left to go get a warrant.

When he left to get the warrant I asked to go use the phone but the cops would not let me leave my couch. They had my cell phone and I could not call my parents or my lawyer or anything.

I waited in my living room with about three cops, all of whom were redneck local cops who constantly made smart ass remarks about how fucked I was. Finally, the cop returned with the warrant and they proceeded to rip my house apart.

They found six grams of pot, a small digital scale and about $250, all of which they seized. I had a small closet that had about $300 worth of various bowls, bongs and grinders, all of which they smashed into pieces. They took all the cash out of my wallet (about eighty bucks) and stole my cell phone, then impounded my car.

I was charged with four felonies (just by coincidence, I lived within 1000 feet of an elementary school so that earned me two extra felonies). I was also charged with sale of marijuana and intent to distribute. My bail was $8000.

I got the best lawyer available in this small shit hole town but there was not much he could do because the evidence against me was overwhelming and the DA was out for blood. He did a hell of a job to get me sentenced to six months of residential drug rehab, thirty days of jail and $1000 fine with five years of probation.

I was expelled from my university in my senior year, disappointing my whole family. I was basically a straight-A student and never had been in any kind of trouble before. All I wanted to do was smoke good bud and not get ripped off.

This all happened in February of 2005. Since then I have held various grunt jobs doing manual labor. I have busted my ass to get back in school and try to piece my life back together and I am just now reenrolling in a local community college where it will be at least two years before I graduate.

The cops basically are stealing my car (it has been in their impound since February 2005). To top it all off I can’t even smoke any bud for another two years at least. My lawyer is still doing his best to arrange a hearing because we have rock solid evidence that the car was not purchased from my pot selling proceeds.

Everyone else from those days in college went on to graduate and find high paying jobs, and continue to smoke it up, while I got totally fucked. Cops fucking suck.

The Dub