I was recently arrested at work for simple possession of about two grams. However, I work at a public school. I was later charged with intent to resale, though I only had the one baggie of two grams on me.

My story has made the rounds on TV, radio and the papers due to this occurring on school grounds. I admit to being foolish for carrying the marijuana with me on school grounds but could've, should've, would'ves can't help me now. The police will have to prove the intent to resale charge, which they can’t because the grounds are on 24-hour surveillance inside and out and my lawyer will be obtaining those tapes as evidence.

Does anyone know the minimum jail time I may receive for this? I’m aware that if this had just been simple possession somewhere other than a school then this would be a slap on the wrist but being on school grounds changes everything.

I live in Tennessee and would appreciate hearing back from anyone who has been in this situation or knows someone who has. Take it from me to those who have yet to get that first marijuana arrest – don’t carry on school grounds and remember your 4th amendment rights! No matter how convincing the police are when they say they want to help you, don’t buy it!