While packing some bowls and driving around to pass the time in our boring little New Jersey town one evening, we decided to tear up some back country roads. Unfortunately, our excessive speed limit caught the attention of a local cop who sat waiting on a road we thought was unoccupied by police. As the sirens blared, panic quickly struck as we assumed it was now just a matter of time before being caught and dragged down to jail.

We managed to smoke the whole bag prior to being pulled over, so all that was left was a dirty piece. Being high and nervous, we did our best to casually stash the bowl under a seat hoping the cop wouldn't notice. The police officer approached the car and immediately declared he could smell marijuana. Armed with reasonable cause, he ordered us out of the car and began a search. He found the poorly hidden bowl almost instantly. Once he did, he called for backup and restrained us.

At the police station, one of the passengers (and the owner of the bowl) claimed the driver was the owner of the pipe, and charges were pressed against him (obviously ending their friendship). After this ugly incident, however, several months passed and the charges against him were still pending. He had heard nothing from any authorities regarding his case thus far.

In our town there is an annual rummage sale that benefits a local charity. All the funds raised go to that organization. Now, the night before it was set to open, police responded to what they believed was a criminal act in progress that they overheard being discussed over a radio frequency.

They ended up arrested two males who were stealing clothing, furniture, and other objects from the rummage sale in the dead of night. The men were identified as a two white males in their early 30s. As we would later find out, one of the thieves was the same police officer who had arrested and charged my neighbor!

Not only was this pig low enough to steal from a charity organization, he was so fucking dumb he used his own radios on THE SAME frequency used for police work to communicate with his cousin as they hit different locations of the rummage sale. The story erupted all over local newspaper, and within a week, my neighbor received a formal letter stating all charges pending against him had been dropped. The reason? It didn't say. Hmmmmmm...