Dear High Times,

I have a busted story for you. It‘s a bit old in my mind now, having happened so long ago, but back in October of 2004 I was living in a small town on the edge of Illinois. I was working at a marina and the only thing keeping me sane was smoking cannabis.

I was living in a house with a guy I used to work with and he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend. Well, the same day they had their fight she went to the police and filled out a report about what she saw going on in the house.

Three days later he was at the house sleeping and I was out at the marina repair shop working on my truck. I was taking a break, having a soda with the owner in the shop when the local PD came in with an arrest warrant. They slapped the cuffs on and hauled me back to my house, which was already being ransacked.

During the search they took us into separate rooms trying to get us to talk. Neither one of us did any talking. From the uniforms I saw, there were city, county, and state cops there. It’s like this was the bust of the year for them or something.

They found a bunch of crushed down plastic bottles and they tried to pressure us into saying we were running a meth lab. They found a box of baggies in my computer desk and said we were bagging cannabis for resale, which we both denied (my desk was like five feet from the kitchen).

Then they found some pages from "The Anarchist Cookbook" and they threatened to call the feds on us. I told them I downloaded the pages from a website so the authorities probably already know about them and if they thought it was a problem they would have done something about it already as I’ve had those for years. I don’t think they liked my tone.

After searching the house for three hours they hauled us, and all the evidence they found (two squad cars full of paraphernalia and plant matter) to the station. They then took turns with each of us in the interrogation room (looked like the station’s break room to me) saying that they had gotten some interesting information from the other one. Neither one of us did any talking still. So they booked us on felony possession with intent to distribute and possession of paraphernalia.

When all was said and done the felony was dropped to straight possession and I got sentenced to 180 days (served 90), $3200 in fines and court costs and five years probation. After the probation I can go back to court to try and get the felony sealed and taken off my record. The only thing I am really pissed about is the goddamn five years of probation…