My roommate and I came home from a bar one night at around 2 am. Soon after we got home another friend called me saying he was outside my house and he wanted me to drive with him a block away to Dunkin' Donuts. I said ok because I had the munchies and off we went.

We were gone for just a few minutes but when I got home I was surprised to see two police cars outside my house. As I went up to the house I saw flashlights and cops through the windows. I ran inside because I thought I could get them out before they found my stash and bong that were sitting on my dresser in the back room.

When I walked in I demanded to see a search warrant and asked them what they were doing in my house. As soon as I said that, they told me to "shut the fuck up" and made me sit on the living room floor in handcuffs. I asked them if I was under arrest and why but they refused to answer me.

To my surprise I saw my roommate passed out on the floor across the room from me. The cops then started to yell at me saying my friend would have died if it wasn't for them showing up in time. I tried to tell them he was just drunk and that he didn’t drink enough to die, but they didn't care about what I had to say.

I kept on asking why I was in handcuffs. This time they answered saying I was trespassing. I calmly told them that I lived in the house and they can ask my neighbors whether or not it was my house. I even told them where they could find my ID. They told me to shut up again. They said they “didn't feel like it.”

While I was trying to convince them that this was my home, my friend woke up. As soon as he woke up and asked them what was going on they handcuffed him too. We were both upset and confused at this point; we hadn't broken any laws, we were courteous to the police and had thanked them for watching out and then asked them to leave. But, instead of leaving or giving a valid reason for being in the house (it was supposedly for my roommate's wellbeing, however, this whole ordeal took about an hour and no ambulance was mentioned) they took our cell phones and ignored us.

While this was going on some of the other cops began to walk around the house, despite our repeated reminders that they were trespassing and had no right to be looking around. One of the cops came in from the back of the house holding my bong in one hand and my stash in the other. They all started telling us how we were really screwed now and wanted to know who the “fucking stoner” was.

I told them that the bong and buds were mine since I didn't want my friend to get in trouble because of me. They kept us cuffed on the floor while they continued ransacking my house. They then put us in the back of a paddy wagon and we were off to central booking.

After 20 something hours I was let out and went home. My roommate was placed on bail ($3500) and didn't get out for another nine hours. I think they did it just to spite him.

When I got home, my house was a mess. It was turned inside out. Not only did they throw everything all over the place but they also sprayed a bottle of soda all over the floor and walls. But what they didn't find was my secret stash, so after a hot shower and a good toke I called my lawyer.

What the police claimed was that during a routine drive down my street they saw my door wide open (I guess I didn't close it when I left, I really don't remember) and that there was loud music coming from inside (there was no music on) and a strong smell of marijuana coming from the house (I didn't have time to blaze when I got back and my friend doesn't smoke so that was impossible) so they decided to take a look.

When they walked up to the house they saw my friend on the floor (they couldn't have seen him from the front door). That's when they decided to walk in because they thought he was at risk (despite this, they were there for a long time and no ambulance was called, and when I came in they were not checking his vitals or even seeing if he was breathing). Once they entered the house, according to them, they saw the weed and bong immediately.

My lawyer said that for $1,000 he could get me off. I tried getting the money but I was broke and had to borrow it from a friend. At the last minute my friend told me he wasn't able to loan me the money and since it was just before my court date it was too late to get a public defender so I went to court by myself.

I ended up getting eighteen hours of community service and having to go to a drug awareness class. Just wanted to tell you all how the Baltimore police (Northwestern district) act and how they get away with it.