Feds move to stop the proliferation of dispensaries in Los Angeles.


In August, activists in Los Angeles fought back against the City Council’s intention to ban 750-odd medical marijuana dispensaries. They gathered enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot in the upcoming city elections in March. But the federal government has, once again, demonstrated that states have no dominion over their own duly passed medical marijuana laws.


The dispensaries that were raided were Happy Ending Collective, allegedly the largest in downtown L.A., the Green Light Pharmacy in Boyle Heights, and Fountain of Wellbeing in Silver Lake. Additionally, the Feds issued warning letters to the property owners and operators of an additional 68 dispensaries, mostly in the downtown and Eagle Rock areas, giving them two weeks to comply with federal law. A DEA Spokesperson said, “We couldn't do all of L.A. at once ... There's just too many stores.”


The LAPD assisted in the raids. Police chief Charlie Beck praised the Feds. He called the LA medical marijuana industry “a source of criminal activity” because of the product they sell and large amounts of cash they have on hand. He also promised that his department “will continue to work with our federal partners to remove these threats from our communities.”


California has been in the crosshairs of the Obama administration since last October when US prosecutors announced that they would target the “commercial marijuana industry in California.” Meanwhile in the Presidential campaign, both candidates have voiced strong opposition to legalization, yet continue to ignore millions of voters who believe otherwise.


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