by Chimera

If you’re a pot grower or smoker in British Columbia and you haven’t heard of LUI, check your map — you likely aren’t in BC. LUI, or Legends’ Ultimate Indica, is one of the most widely grown varieties in British Columbia, and for a good reason: its massive yield of trichome-covered buds. It is truly the workhorse of the BC pot scene.

LUI is a mostly indica variety derived from BC and Californian genetics, and was first produced in Switzerland as a collaborative effort between Red of Legends Seeds and Breeder Steve of Spice of Life Seeds. Red had been in Switzerland for a few months, working with Steve in the greenhouses and designing the SOL indoor-breeding facility where the latest version of Sweet Tooth was being produced. An especially resinous male had been chosen from the second generation of the ongoing backcross project to the famous BC indica Grapefruit. This study’s goal was to father the third backcross population, to be known as Sweet Tooth #3. There happened to be some unused space near one end of the expansive flowering room, and Red suggested filling the unused lighted area with the extra Ortega plants hanging around the vegetative room, in an attempt to hybridize his two favorite indicas. Ortega was a California indica clone brought to Switzerland by an old grow guru, and it had found a special place in the hearts and lungs of all those working at the SOL factory.

When the seed crop was harvested, Red flew back to BC and immediately set about starting some of these new seeds. He and the crew popped 100 beans to get a look at what variation had come from the test cross. He gave away hundreds of them to his loyal customers, eager to get unbiased feedback on this new line. Everybody’s results were the same: This was one beefy lady. Growers consistently found huge top colas of dense, frosty lime-green nuggets. Whether grown in soil or hydroponics, in Sea of Green gardens or larger tree-style grows, everybody seemed to have the same extravagantly yieldy results.