It may be a stretch to christen this new institution of higher learning Stanford for Stoners, but it’s without a doubt the first inception of Marijuana University.

While many Florida ganjapreneurs stand along the sidelines waiting to see if medical marijuana will be voted in during the November election, Jeremy Bufford has already hit the bong by launching Medical Marijuana Tampa, a cannabis college aimed at educating students about the many facets of the budding marijuana industry.

"Let's bring this medicine out of the darkness and into the light," Bufford told ABC News. "We're doing something innovative, it's education oriented. We're not trying to set up a shop where we’re selling drugs. We're trying to educate people.”

Bufford does not smoke and says he operates a professional facility. "We're teaching this class to introduce cannabis from a legal, a historical, a botanical and a pharmacological perspective,” he said.

So far, Bufford has only established one class, which is a four-week crash course that encompasses the many faces of the medical marijuana industry. The class costs $499 (how he missed the opportunity to charge $420 is anyone’s guess) and will be taught by a cornucopia of professionals from across the nation.

"I've brought in experts that are far more informed about the product than I am. I've brought in professors from California. I've brought in growers from Michigan. I'm putting together a brain trust. The smartest, the best and the brightest to lead our organization into the future,” said Bufford.

In addition to establishing Medical Marijuana Tampa, Bufford says he is also preparing to open a chain of marijuana dispensaries with 15 locations. He has already hired a handful of employees and anticipates hiring hundreds more, once Floridians cast their final approval for medical marijuana in the forthcoming election.

To learn more about attending classes at Medical Marijuana Tampa or to apply for various employment opportunities within the company, visit their Facebook page:

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