It looks like all the celebs were celebrating Coachella this past weekend in the same way and some of them shared their love of  Mary Jane. This week we've got some celeb pot shots from 2 expected sources and one very unexpected person. Check it out!

Sean "Diddy" Combs posted this "Get Him To The Greek" style pic of him the morning after party in Coachella with a joint in his mouth and promoting his new tequila Deleon:

Snoop was no surprise to us for posting a pot shot but was a huge surprise to the concert goers when he did a quest performance with Pharell of Beautiful. He posted this pic and of course was stacked with his own supply:

The most interesting celebrity pot shot of the week goes to Kylie Jenner wearing a pot leaf necklace? Does this mean she is in fact a Pot Priestess and is coming out of the closet? Stay tuned.

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