Cheech and Chong - can't they get along?

Apparently not.

Tommy Chong recently labeled his former comedy partner, Richard (Cheech) Marin, a "sellout" and a "professional Mexican."

The 59-year-old Marin retorted to Lowdown: "Gramps is a little old. It's so sad when stoners get to the AARP age, you know? Who knows what's on Tommy's mind! It's the Alzheimer's age."

Chong, who's 67, is promoting his new documentary, "a/k/a Tommy Chong," about his 2003 arrest and nine-month jail term for selling drug paraphernalia online.

"I just saw Cheech in a Target ad," Chong told an interviewer. "He's a little removed from the stoner humor. He's a professional Mexican now."

Cheech responded: "He called a couple weeks ago when he asked me to do a project with him. I didn't take the call. I was just busy being a professional Mexican."

Kidding or not, Marin is making his Broadway directorial debut with "Latinologues," a series of satirical monologues based on the Latino experience in America, opening Oct. 23 at the Helen Hayes Theater.

"They asked me to direct, and it was a gift from the gods," said Marin. "What's great is that New York has all the Latino ethnicities: Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Colombian, Mexican, Mexican-American. It's a very sophisticated audience."