Chicago on Wednesday became the first big city in the nation to ban the sale and manufacture of "Pot Suckers'' -- marijuana-flavored candy tailor-made to lure young people into experimenting with drugs.

The preemptive and trailblazing crackdown was sponsored by Finance Committee Chairman Edward M. Burke (14th), who argued that the "hideous candy,'' has only one purpose: to groom another generation of drug addicts.

Endorsed by rapper Snoop Dogg

The hemp-flavored candies, which are made in California, have been found in 43 New York City stores and a handful in the Chicago suburbs and Downstate.

None have turned up yet in Chicago stores, but Burke isn't taking any chances.

"If we need any other reason to vote in favor of this, it's now being endorsed by [rapper] Snoop Dogg,'' Burke said.

"They advertised the product -- the marijuana-flavored lollipop and gumdrop line -- with claims every lick is like taking a hit.

"Snoop Dogg wants all of our kids to buy this product.''

The rapper's apparent endorsement was enough to scare the daylights out of Ald. Walter Burnett (27th). Burnett has a 9-year-old son who is a fan of rap music in general and Snoop Dogg in particular.

"I've got to tell you, a lot of the young children are very influenced by rap music.''