Smoking weed will lead to a life of vile depravity and crippling destitution. At least that appears to be the seriously misguided consensus of a recent pot propaganda segment featured on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 entitled “Gone to Pot: Is Marijuana Addictive?”

The story, which serves as the journalistic equivalent to ‘Reefer Madness,’ features a sad collection of self-proclaimed marijuana junkies sitting around a Colorado rehab facility discussing the trials and tribulations they have experienced as the result of falling into the destructive clutches of the devil’s weed.

National Correspondent Gary Tuchman may have been trying to deliver a compelling story, questioning whether the legalization of marijuana in Colorado could lead to an increase in addiction rates. However, all he manages to do is give the American viewer a glimpse into the brainwashed minority that believes the stoner lifestyle alone has the capacity to ruin lives.

One “addict,” 22-year-old Stella Blessing, who incidentally also claims to have a fiendish taste for crack, meth and heroin, says that marijuana was her gateway drug. “I used it constantly throughout my other addictions,” she said. “It seemed like no big deal, but I was, you know, taking bong hits driving down the highway…things were really crazy.” 

When asked how Colorado’s new recreational marijuana laws might affect the group’s recovery, some suggested that attending regular meetings would help them stay clean. “As far as going out and smelling weed everywhere, I think its something each individual has to learn to deal with within their own way,” said one the women during the interview.

Recent studies have found that marijuana has the lowest potential for addiction, even next to caffeine. 

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