The broken clock on the wall in Mason Tvert’s office is only right twice a day - at exactly 4:20 - but that doesn’t mean that one of the driving forces behind Colorado’s Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, will be taking a “high holiday” for the upcoming 4/20 weekend. Instead, the Executive Director of SAFER hopes to use the annual celebration of all things cannabis as a way to reach supporters in advance of this November’s historic vote, while taking a positive message about marijuana’s relative safety directly to all citizens of the state.
“4/20 has become a day when people feel a lot more comfortable talking about marijuana, so we’re encouraging our supporters to use the occasion as a way to start a conversation about not just our initiative, but about the issue in general,” Tvert explained to HIGH TIMES. “We think it’s a great opportunity to point out the irrational difference between the way we treat marijuana and alcohol. After all, we see something similar to 4/20 smokeouts, but with alcohol, prior to every college football game in America.”
On Saturday, April 21, Tvert will appear on a panel at the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver devoted to the proposed constitutional amendment, which would legalize possession of at least one ounce for all adults in Colorado, allow them to grow at least six plants at home, and develop a statewide regulatory system for commercial growers and distributors - all without affecting Colorado’s current medical marijuana system for patients and providers. The campaign will also host a booth throughout the weekend-long event to answer questions and sign up those wishing to volunteer for what promises to be a groundbreaking vote.
“The Medical Cannabis Cup has offered us a great chance to have an open dialogue with a lot of people throughout Colorado who support ending marijuana prohibition,” Tvert said. “I look forward to answering all of their questions, and finding new supporters who will join the campaign.”