In times past, most people didn’t associate marijuana with the wholesome all-American holiday of Mother’s Day, annually celebrated on the second Sunday in May. But the advocates of Yes on 64, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, are challenging that notion by running a subtle yet effective TV ad today entitled “Dear Mom.”


In the 30-second spot, a woman in her mid- to late-twenties is seen in a park typing on her laptop, composing a letter to her mother. Using both voiceover and printed graphics, we hear and read the “letter” the woman writes to her mom. In it, the young woman confesses while in college she used to drink a lot – “it was kind of crazy” she admits. But now that she is older, she prefers to use marijuana. 


The 20-something woman then lists the benefits of using pot over booze, noting it’s less harmful to her body, it doesn’t give her hangovers, and that she frankly feels safer around marijuana users. The latter comment being particularly insightful and impressive that it was included in a TV commercial, given that it’s a less discussed issue even among pot smokers – that violent, or at least unpredictable behavior is much more likely to break out among those who’ve been excessively drinking compared to those who’ve gotten too stoned.


In concluding, the daughter writes: “I hope this makes sense. If not, let’s talk.” Here we see the daughter demonstrating her willingness to engage in an open and honest dialogue with her mother as to why she favors marijuana over socially acceptable alcohol. 


The ad is understated, rather than over the top, which is the right strategy to reach more mainstream voters who may be on the fence when it comes to Yes on 64, especially in light of the ad being aired on NBC’s long-running Today and on the popular talk show Ellen, both mainstream programs reaching a cross-section of viewers. 


In a prepared statement, Betty Aldworth, advocacy director of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, said: “Our goal with this ad is to start a conversation – and encourage others to start their own conversations – about marijuana.”


And to all the moms out there who read and support HIGH TIMES, thank you as always and have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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