Did you know that there are millions of virtual pot farms on Facebook? Each year billions of marijuana plants are harvested and shared by a community of dedicated farmers.

In the game, players tend a marijuana farm and grow popular real-world strains like Grandaddy Purple, Sour Diesel and Acapulco Gold. In addition to plants, Pot Farm also celebrates weed culture with a cast of characters such as Uncle Floyd: a helpful old hippy straight out of the '60s, and his nemesis Ranger Dick: a grumpy, not-so-groovy dude who’s always looking to seize your precious plants. There are a ton of nods to popular stoner references like Cheech and Chong, Monty Python and Woodstock as well as more current pop culture references to superheroes (Hot Plate Man!), fantasy epics (Game of Chrons!), and monster movies (Ganjira!).

Recently, Pot Farm introduced rallies: weekly team events where players can join up with a group of fellow farmers to compete for in-game achievements and prizes. As far as we know, it is the first-ever farming game to have something like a guild or clan system! Rallies have been one of the game's strongest additions with over 38,000 groups created to date.

Helped by a hyperactive community and a huge fan-base, Pot Farm's growth seems limitless. The game is full of potential to help shape the future of the hobby we all enjoy so very much. With over eight million players, Pot Farm continues to be a powerhouse for the marijuana community on Facebook.

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Pot Farm is made by East Side Games, a small independent game studio in Vancouver, Canada.