Amongst the thousands upon thousands of attendees at this year's Denver HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, we found several creatures joining in the grassy, mile-high fun. Here’s an assortment of pups at the Cup (and one surprise critter who popped up)!

Sarah and Clementine

Sarah and Clementine caught our eye with their fabulous fashion sense and upbeat attitudes.


What a sweet girl!

Ann, Colton and Chomper

Ann, Colton, and little guy Chomper were on hand to help out as volunteers, and their good ganja cheer was infectious!

Alex and Heady

Alex Armstrong’s sidekick Heady was eager to see all the sights the Cup had to offer. Woof!

Dan and Kraut

Dan and his friendly German Shepherd Kraut, enjoying the outdoor recreating area after a cooling rain blew through.


We found James at the Synche Enterprises booth, disguised as a terrifyingly adorable stoned white tiger.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more Creatures of the Cup on the second day of our Denver US Cannabis Cup -- we just love seeing all of you and your companion critters celebrate the herb with us. Happy 4/20!