On the second day of the Denver US HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup -- High Times spotted pups big and small, stoic service dogs, and even the Easter-Reefer Bunny! How very fitting on this beautiful Easter afternoon.

Damon and Barkley

Damon Martin with his service dog Barkley, who is specially trained to assist with PTSD, TBI and seizure alerts.

Cody and Matilda

Cody and Matilda make a super-cute cannabis couple, don't you think?

Gabi, May and Kallist

Kallist, a stunning Irish wolfhound service dog, accompanied Gabi Snyder and May Shepherd.

Amber, Dino and Mary Jane

Amber and Dino were all smiles with their sweet Mary Jane, who looked delighted to be a pup at the Cup.

Robin, Jered and Jasper

Great Dane! Jasper is a 15-month old in training to become a service animal; Robin and Jered definitely have their hands full.


Whatta guy!

Troy and Versace

Versace the puppy caught our attention with her arresting eyes—and her human Troy Kaehna came prepared to capture the action on his GoPro.

Joni, Jared and Penny

OMG! Penny is SO EXCITED to be here with her people, Joni Antonia and Jared Whitney. So. Excited.

Happy 4/20 to all Cup attendees and stony animal lovers everywhere, and a very special thank you to all hardworking service dogs out there. We salute you and your humans.