El Nino - Green House Seeds
1st Place Cannabis Cup, Bio (Organic), 1998

Another elite member of the White family (think White Widow, White Rhino, etc.) from juggernaut Green House Seeds, El Nino caused quite a stir at the 1998 Cannabis Cup, winning first place in the “Bio” (or organic) category and cementing its place in pot-genetics history. Great resin production, versatility in growing conditions, and a strong taste and high ensure that El Nino will grow on and on. She’s slightly sweeter than the White Widow, with a peppery indica aftertaste.


Green House grower Franco tells me: “The El Nino plant stays bushy and short, with thick leaves, very wide leaflets and short internodes. The stems stay strong and sturdy, without the risk of falling or breaking branches.” This strain is great for a “sea of green” (SOG) setup, as it can be crowded together and pruned to fill out empty spaces. El Nino is also a heavy feeder on nutrients, so apply those plant foods liberally. 


Lineage: [Haze x Super Skunk] x [Brazilian x South Indian]

Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks

Contact: Green House Seeds, greenhouseseeds.nl