Big Bud – Sensi Seed Bank


Indoor growers looking for dependability should search no further than cannabis-genetics geniuses and HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall of Famers Sensi Seeds and their stalwart strain, Big Bud. Originating in the US and brought to Holland in the 1980s,this low-odor production strain has been satisfying cash croppers for years with its invariably steady performance.


The key to the appeal of Big Bud is the strain’s consistency. Ken from Sensi Seeds tells me: “Big Bud produces profuse budding sites, short internodal gaps and huge, solid, resin-covered buds. It’s also vigorous, uniform and fast-flowering, with modest height gain throughout growth. Many individuals can finish in the shorter flowering time of seven weeks, though the heaviest-yielding ones usually require the full 65 days. Big Bud has a powerful, mellow effect without being brain-numbing, and a creamy, earthy citrus flavor with skunky undertones.” As an added bonus, Big Bud is now newly available in feminized form.


Lineage: Skunk #1 x Afghani

Flowering time: 50 to 65 days

Contact: Sensi Seed Bank,