District of Columbia pot advocates plan to submit the official language of a ballot initiative to the DC Board of Elections that, if passed by voters in November, would legally allow adult DC residents to possess and transfer up to one ounce of marijuana each and to grow up to six plants per household. 

The organization behind the initiative, DCMJ, still must go through the process of collecting signatures and garnering support for passing the marijuana measure. There is support for pot in DC – an April survey by Public Policy Polling that found 63 percent of District voters support legal recreational weed. 

Unlike legalization in Colorado and Washington State, the DC measure would not establish retail pot shops because the District prohibits referendums that appropriate city money, so no regulatory or sales component could be added to the DCMJ initiative. 

"We're trying to preserve the consumer's right to possess [pot] and to use it," Adam Eidinger of DCMJ told the Washington Times.