Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says he intends to put a stop to the distribution of complimentary weed in the city’s parks by revamping a current ordinance and that will make those areas drug-free zones.

According to a recent interview with Hancock on Colorado Public Radio, an ordinance is scheduled to be proposed on Monday, which he and City Councilman Chris Nevitt believe will better serve the community by eliminating some of the grey areas surrounding marijuana consumption in the city.

Even though recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, public consumption of cannabis remains banned. However, Mayor Hancock says he plans to tighten up this law in the City of Denver by decreeing that anyone caught smoking pot in the parks can receive a citation or even be arrested.

It is not believed that Mayor Hancock’s proposed ordinance will have an affect on the city’s annual 4/20 rally that takes place at Civic Center Park.

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