We put together our rankings of the top ten in each category of competition at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup with some stats. Check out the Top 10 Medical Edibles from Denver:

Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers LLC | Mystic CBD Capsules

Summit & Baked LLC | Bhang Cherries & Creme 180 Mg Bar

MarQaha One Eye | Open Sativa-Based Lemonade / Black Tea

Love's Oven | S’mores Love Bars

Infuzionz | Lakewood Cherry Limeade Macaroon

Infuzionz | Denver  Peach Violet Macaroon

Mad Mints | Mad Mint Cherry Mint

Infuzionz | Northglenn Waffle Cone Bar

Full Melt | Full Melt Strawberry Waffle Cone Chocolate Bar

Standing Akimbo Bakery | Sweet Island Macaroon