A couple jointly charged with several drug offences could walk free, as the physical evidence to be used in the case has disappeared without a trace.

The police have launched an internal investigation and heads may roll if the 40lbs of missing cannabis with a street value of nearly half a million dollars is not recovered.

The SUN understands that an urgent investigation is already fully underway in a bid to trace and or recover the drugs.

Nathaniel Simon and Claudette Morrison of Christian Valley were facing charges relating to the cultivation of marijuana. During a police operation, the plants were uprooted and reportedly lodged in large plastic bags at the police exhibit room at American Road.

But there was no trace of the herb when the time came for it to be handed over for the court proceedings.

The exhibits were required for the proceedings scheduled to commence yesterday in the District “B” Magistrates Court, but the matter had to be adjourned because the physical evidence could not be found.

Samples were reportedly taken to the lab for analysis and were returned to the police, but that too has gone missing.

Without the physical evidence there can be no conviction for possession of the drug.

The police have been left with the task of relocating the evidence for the trial and failing to do so, the case will likely be thrown out for want of prosecution.

Recently, a trial judge in a similar case in Trinidad remarked that it seems that human rats may have made off with the drug.