Just in time for the 2012 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, the brand-new centrist Dutch government introduced a provisional pact in late October that will terminate the controversial weed pass program introduced in May.  

The so-called wietpas had restricted access to the country's famed cannabis coffeeshops to registered residents in the Southern Netherlands, banning visitors from neighboring nations and tourists from abroad. The now defunct right-wing government intended to implement wietpas nationwide in 2013, but the more moderate government currently in place appears to have avoided the weed pass program, which would have damaged tourism revenue.

Even more encouraging (especially for anyone reading this outside of Holland), rather than the previously proposed blanket ban of foreigners and tourists from coffeeshops, the new agreement allows each individual city to decide whether or not to ban non-Dutch citizens from legally purchasing pot at coffeeshops.

The marijuana mecca of Amsterdam had previously declared it would not honor the pot permit system. In its short history, weed pass almost immediately drove up black-market street sales of marijuana in the districts where it was implemented (validated by a University of Tilburg study) and pissed off coffeeshop owners, all of which lost money from foreign/tourist business.

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