Several US representatives from Colorado recently introduced a bipartisan bill to help protect the victories there and in Washington by giving the states room to implement the new laws.

The Respect States’ and Citizens’ Rights Act would affirm the ability for states to establish their own marijuana laws free from federal interference. 

The bill would add a provision to the federal Controlled Substances Act expressly stating that state marijuana laws shall not be preempted by federal law. This bill’s primary sponsor, Democratic Congresswoman Diana Degette from Denver, was joined by her fellow Colorado Republican Congressman Mike Coffman – who voted against Amendment 64 but still wants to ensure that the federal government respects the will of voters.

The new laws in Colorado and Washington make it legal for adults over the age of 21 to possess up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use. They also allow the legislatures of both states to create regulations in order to establish a legal market for businesses to cultivate and sell marijuana to adults. 

Urge your legislators to support a new bill in Congress that would enable the states to implement their own marijuana laws free from federal interference. Click here for more info.