By Mark Miller


The fourth annual Wonders of Cannabis event was held in its traditional slot the weekend before Halloween in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Though there were dozens of sponsors, there seemed to be fewer booths than in previous years, perhaps testament to the deteriorating economy. Still, there were more vaporizers, glassware, growing supplies, books and cannabis clothing than the average credit card could bear.


As always, the host of WOC was cultivation king Ed Rosenthal. This year the costume he donned was an ‘admiral,’ as he told attendees he was taking them “on a cruise of gentle anarchy.” Though he also noted, “every day should be like this. Not a party, but freedom.”


The ‘Hemperor’ himself, Jack Herer, took the stage and sounded better than he has recently, although he did admit being “fucked up on hemp oil for the past two or three hours,” and then extolled the benefits of same.


Evoking the most emotion was speaker Eddy Lepp, potentially facing life in prison for medical marijuana cultivation. He modestly asked the crowd to write letters on his behalf prior to his sentencing.


The biggest disappointment was Cindy Sheehan’s no-show, as she would have provided a unique perspective. An assistant assured all that Sheehan is pro-medical pot, but it wasn’t the same.


Dale Gieringer of California NORML bid a fond farewell to the Bush administration, noting there are over 100 California medical marijuana cases in federal court, more than for terrorism – anywhere.


The musical attractions were top-notch, including two jamband super-groups, The Golden Gateways and Region of Darkness, as Wonders of Cannabis continues to forge ahead as a unique constellation of cannabis, activism, music and commerce. 


The Wonders of Cannabis will make a stop at New York City’s Webster Hall November 29th. Go to www.wondersofcannabis for more information.