A father mourning the death of his seven-week-old son told authorities he had no choice but to start selling marijuana to cover the burial expenses and gravestone for his departed child.

According to reports, police were recently called out to the West Yorkshire apartment of 33-year-old Stefan Lancaster to institute a routine shakedown regarding a non-drug related matter. However, before officers could engage the man in the usual  intimidation tactics, they, being the astute cannabis hounds we all know cops can be, noticed the odor of marijuana permeating throughout the room, which prompted a search.

Upon ripping Lancaster’s dwelling apart, authorities discovered just over a pound of marijuana, and subsequently charged him with possession of a controlled drug, which he ultimately pleaded guilty to in the Leeds Crown Court. Incidentally, aside from a warning he received in 2002 for a minor marijuana-related offense, this was Lancaster’s first official run in with the law.

Lancaster’s attorney, Zara Begun, told the court that her client was currently undergoing treatment for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder due to the sudden death of his young son and the major expenses accrued as a result. “At the time of the offence he had suffered a bereavement, his child of seven weeks passed away,” said Begun. “To fund the funeral he had borrowed a lot of money from friends and also to pay council tax and utility arrears.”

In an attempt to pay off his debts, Lancaster’s attorney stressed that his client felt his only option was to accept an offer from a gang of local hooligans and begin helping them with their illegal drug business. “He assisted someone with drying out cannabis,” said Begun. “He wanted to pay for his son’s headstone.”

However, the prosecution received reports that Lancaster was a “heavy cannabis smoker,” one that was mentally unstable and had been a marijuana user since he was 11-years-old. Therefore, they have apparently decided to bury him under the proverbial prison: “The offence is so serious you need greater punishment than we can give,” said Chairman of the bench Sandra Brennan.

Lancaster is scheduled for sentencing in March.

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