The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws celebrates 40 years of activism with a major conference in Denver.


A sitting member of the US House of Representatives, the director of the Colorado State Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division, and top leaders of the cannabis liberation movement from across the country (any beyond) gathered this past weekend to celebrate the issue’s “Coming of Age” in a city that’s increasingly taking a leading role in America’s ongoing movement toward legalizing marijuana. And with the nation’s first statewide seed-to-sales medical cannabis regulations nearly in place, and a major push already underway for a 2012 legalization initiative, Colorado will remain in the forefront of the movement’s mind for the next year and beyond.


At their annual national convention, NORML celebrated 40 years of changing the world for the better with keynote speeches from Representative Jared Polis, from Colorado’s second Congressional district, and Dr. Lester Grinspoon, author of Marijuana Reconsidered, perhaps the founding document of the modern marijuana movement. The weekend also included an intimate performance from Ziggy Marley at the HIGH TIMES Activism Awards, a mayoral debate moderated by Montel Williams and a rocking set from new NORML board member Greta Gaines at the conference’s official closing night party. In between, activists and reformers attended panel discussions on topics ranging from “How Not to Get Busted” to “Cannabis and Cooking.”


Couldn’t make it this year? You can catch all of the high-lights online, so why not invite a few friends over tonight and recreate the experience from the comfort of your living room? And then use the lessons learned to fight for cannabis freedom where you live… If you haven’t already, joining NORML would be a great start.