(Reader warning: Written by a biased Deadhead)

What a night! Super chill vibes, tons of tie-dye, and Deadheads everywhere as Bob Weir and Ratdog took the headliner spot during the first night of Mountain Jam.

Weir joined the Avett Brothers on stage earlier that day for a few songs, which included an awesome version of “The Race is On.” The Avett Brothers were fun to watch and brought a ton of energy: running around stage, ripping guitar solos within inches of the audiences faces, and bows fraying to practically nothing. Then, Moon Taxi played an enjoyable-but-short set as fans warmly welcomed Warren Haynes to stage when he sat in with the band for a song.

Finally, Bobby started playing a few minutes after 9pm and the crowd was treated to a killer show with guest appearances from Jonathan Wilson in the first set and then, the host of Mountain Jam, “Uncle” Warren Haynes in the second. Jonathan Wilson joined for two songs: a smoking hot “West L.A. Fadeaway,” and “Don’t Let Go,” a song popularized by the Jerry Garcia band. And to end the set? A timeless Bobby tune, “Me and my Uncle,” and an unbelievable version of “Deal.” With a short intermission, the show raged on until 12:30am. Very jammy all the way through. Of course, “Uncle” Warren joined for an epic “Dark Star” in the second set… blast off!

Some nice jazz thrown in with Miles Davis’ “Milestones” and then back to outer space with a beautiful “Standing on the Moon,” conjuring the sweet spirit of Jerry. Then, some awesome dirt-kicking fun with a rocking “Sugar Magnolia” to end the set, followed by the classic “Johnny B Goode” encore. Bobby was feeling good and it showed… he definitely had the whole crowd with him. Loved that security had very-noticeable red shirts on with matching red hats and when they walked around, it was just to make sure no one had passed out. There was a definite haze lingering over the crowd… Nothing but the sweet smell of the great outdoors! My favorite part of it all was that everyone seemed to be on the same page as far as being there for the music and having a collectively great experience. That’s really what its all about.