En route to a gig at Tempe, Arizona’s Marquee Theater on February 1, G Love and Special Sauce’s tour bus was stopped by Customs agents at the Arizona border. Love (aka Garrett Dutton) and several others received citations for marijuana possession.

One source explains, “They were coming into Arizona from California and got boarded by Customs agents. We have a bit of a problem with illegals here in Arizona. The way it went down was they use giant fans and blow air through the bus and have dogs on the other side to see if they pick up a scent. They found a small amount of vegetation that may be illegal. A few of the crewmembers may have been issued citations. I’m not sure if G himself was cited.”

Another source confirmed the Customs bus stop: “They got pulled over and searched the bus. All but one dude had weed on them. They got citations.”

A spokesperson for G Love’s publicity company, Fresh Clean Media, said, “We’re not commenting. We know nothing about that.”

G Love once was interviewed in HIGH TIMES talking about his backyard pot garden in Philadelphia, where he lives. His latest album, Lemonade, was released on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire label last year.