More tragedy in the cloning chamber. The NL#9 clone mother took a turn for the worse after it was pruned. It browned and died this week. Two of the experimental clones have also died this week. Pulled them up and found the stems were hard and brown, no roots at all. The Perilite had algae everywhere. The others still look okay. Two have roots that can be seen through the Perilite. Some roots popping out from the bottom of the cutting in one of the red cups as well. Noticed some minor yellowing of the bigger leaves so I added a little 10-10-10 fertilizer solution to each one.
Ganji must have taken too much off the NL#9 clone mother. She just couldn’t recover from such a radical pruning. He also just recently fertilized and removing so much of the foliage may have upset the balance of supply and demand. I was afraid the algae would become a problem. Ganji will have to take steps to combat it or the cuttings won’t take hold. The yellowing is a symptom of under fertilization caused by both lack of nutrient in the Perilite and competition with the algae. Fertilizing should help but he’ll have to find a way to kill and prevent future buildup of algae. --MAX

The sprouts are excellent. Planted 10 more today to get things moving. I’ll pick and choose the best after sexing them. Pulled most of the rest of the old cutting in dirt out as well. With the mother plant dead I might as well start over from seed and try again. Transplanted the three potted clones into finishing buckets but decided to hold off on putting them in the flowering room for one more week.

Not much better news in the flowering chamber. The three older plants are slowly running out of steam. The newer Sweet Tooth has elongated and is looking pale and ill. The only good news is the two NL#9’s, which are doing fabulous. Took them out to the sink this week and saturated them good. They’ll have to tide me over until things get better. Back to the drawing board!

It’s been a tough couple weeks for our friend Ganji. His propagation problems persist and he’s had to bite the bullet and start over. That’s ok though. He’s got good seed stock and the temple is in fine shape. He’s also learned a lot over the last half year and can now apply those lessons to this new endeavor. I’d recommend that he continue to work from seed until he can figure out a more reliable cloning method, at which time he can make the changeover slowly. --MAX