Darby painting by Tara Stanley

“I was forged from the heart of an oak tree and born deep in the Bigfoot country of southern Oregon!”

So says Darby Holm, one of the genuine stars in the glass artist community. Moreover, he says it was his destiny to become a self-sustaining artist. But that meant diving into the stereotypical life of a "starving artist," with little to no income. But Darby says he learned fast and found his way by doing odd jobs to support his addiction to creating paintings on windows or detail accents on cars. He even dabbled in T-shirt designs. Basically, his art encompassed whatever he thought was “cool at the time.”

When he came in contact with the burgeoning glass smokeware industry in the mid 90's, he describes taking to it “like a moth to a flame.” He couldn’t look away.
Darby remembers this date well—April 5,1996. That’s when he lit his own torch for the first time under the guidance of his younger brother Carsten Carlile, our Oct. ’13 Glass Artist of the Month. From that point forward, Darby discovered that the glass world is wide open, an artistic playground to explore as he pleased. He says, “I thanks our incredible community of like-minded and equally talented family and friends. I’ve watched this industry grow into something I am very proud to be a part of today.”

Check out Darby’s work below!

Desert Highs
Don't ever get caught dry and not high. Get yourself one of Darby's cactus pipes!

Garden of Earthy Delights
Darby can get you high amidst flowers, but beware of creepy, crawl visitors!

Emerald City
Bright green dabbing tools will keep you brilliantly high.

Flower Power
Darby specializes in pipes that glorify outdoor gardening.

Earth Tones
Whether it's a bubbler, a hand pipe or dab accouterments, owners cherish a piece made by Darby.

Ray Gun Series
There's no better weapon for weed than one of Darby's ray gun pipes.