When Justin Jenicke moved from his native home of Kansas City to Salt Lake City to be a snow bum, he never imagined that he’d actually find his passion for working glass instead. Art had interested him from an early age, but he’d never received any formal schooling and only casually dabbled in different mediums. A milestone in his career was getting the opportunity to work with top glass artist Cowboy. He opened his mind to what was possible through color techniques and shaping and imbued him with the qualities required to be a professional glass artist.

In January, Justin took first place in the Master's Glass Games at the Las Vegas CHAMPS show. His winning style is defined by sleek, clean symmetry. He draws inspiration from classic Venetian shaping, science fiction, mythology and the human form — especially the female. Justin’s primarily a borosilicate lampworker, but experiments with chandeliers, fusing recycled bottles and fused glass. He recently studied with-third generation, Italian lampworking master Cesare Toffolo. Inspired by that experience, he’s successfully incorporated some of those techniques into his own work, creating a singular, artistic style.

Check out Justin’s work below and at ickeglass.com.

This hookah-like bong comes with an accompanying cannabis spirit clinging to its side.

The simple, elegant glass pipe pays homage to the female form.

Justin venerates the female form but, obviously, feeds an obsession with erecting glass pipes with towering spires.

Exquisite detail and carefully selected color are trademarks of Justin's work.

The art pipes of today are fully functional, but many buyers would rather display Justin's work than smoke out of one of his creations.

Justin can scale down his imagination to produce sleek, sturdy pieces.

Justin created a toch of evil with this pipe adorned with decidedly demonic imagery.

Another example of Justin's extraordinary attention to detail, even in pipes with minimal color.

Justin displayed his work at the HIGH Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino in February.

On closing night of the Cup,  Justin presented the HIGH TIMES Stoner of the Year trophy to B-Real, an award that he designed especially for the occasion.

Justin and B-Real backstage with the Stoner of the Year trophy.