Pakoh burst onto the pipe scene in the late 90's, fresh out of art school. With the help of classical glass maestro Bryan "B" Clarke, along with local Rhode Island legends Carla and Patty, Pakoh honed his skills working his way up the ranks of the New England glass scene, eventually to become the in-house artist at the Carter Institute of Glass in Warwick RI.

But Pakoh was restless. In search of bigger and better things, he moved to Seattle in 2003 to work with pioneers in borosilicate glass like MNP, D-Wreck, Kevin Nail, Amber Pelligrini, Ease and Eli Z. These Seattle artists showed Pakoh how to make more complex glass pieces, enabling him to actualize whatever his imagination spawned.

Three years ago, Pakoh and his talented wife (known as “ACE Glass”) headed to Southern California where they now reside. Pakoh has reunited with the legendary D-Wreck. Together, he, ACE and D-Wreck have established The Asylum, the premier glass shop in SoCal.  Craziness is the norm as these top artists bust out some of the sickest pieces on the glass scene — so crazy that it had to be institutionalized!

Check out Pakoh's work below!

If you're a golfer, then you'll want to tee up Pakoh's pipe that's made for the "green."

With this pipe you might think that smoke escapes from everywhere, but it's only its clever design. The pipe is leak-proof!

Pakoh's pipes sometimes verge on the macabre, to be sure. But they'll definitely ease your pain.

This high-tech pipe will "protect and serve" you.

In your search for higher powers, try one of Pakoh's mandala pipes. Manadala are spiritual and ritual symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism that represent the universe.

Pakoh created this series of convoluted pipes featuring plumber-like connections.