Story & photos by Big Croppa

Strong, healthy mother plants are the cornerstone of any successful grow operation. The ability to consistently regenerate top-quality clones is essential to any garden’s productivity. While almost all vegging plants can provide a few choice clones from their upper branches, a well-groomed mom will provide you with dozens of choice cuttings from multiple branches.

To get a good mother plant, you’ll need to select one special seedling or female clone to pamper. With a heavily noded plant, you can create a bonsai-like mother that will yield healthy clones for numerous gardens. Most people don’t realize that one of the most important keys to creating a successful mother plant is to top the rooted clone early. This forces the plant to increase its primary root system, providing it with the solid foundation it will need to become a small tree. Also, topping the young mom frequently lets young branches grow into healthy, tree-like stalks; this will support all the shoots that grow when you trim the mother.

Every time you take a cutting from a plant, two new branches will grow at the node site below your cut. If you trim a mother plant during the early stage of its life, you’ll wind up with a multi-branched plant, and you’ll be able to take a greater number of clones from a smaller bush.