By Steve Bloom

1. Bill Maher
No one on television is more open about his own pot use than the HBO talk-show host. While he hosted Politically Incorrect on ABC, Maher took a particular interest in the case of medical-marijuana activist Todd McCormick, who’d been busted for growing pot. Maher has never looked back. His standard line is the “worst thing about pot is it makes you eat cookie dough.” Last year on his Real Time series, during an interview with Jane Fonda, he asked, “Ted Turner—pothead?” Somewhat stunned, Fonda responded, “Are you?” Maher thought for a second before declaring, “Well, yeah!” Maher, who’s appeared and performed at numerous NORML and MPP events, takes issue with the drug movement (which he calls “not much of a movement” due to “too many stoners”) in his HBO special I’m Swiss. But deep down we know Maher loves us as we do him.

2. Doug Benson
He occupies the middle seat in The Marijuana-Logues, flanked by funnymen Arj Barker and Tony Camin. Like Tommy Chong, his specialty is the dim-witted stoner. Benson, who’s a regular on VH1’s My Best Week Ever, headlined the first HIGH TIMES Comedy Night at the Improv. His routine was nonstop pot jokes.

3. Amy Poehler
The funniest woman in the current cast of Saturday Night Live, Poehler got her start with the sketch-comedy group, Upright Citizen’s Brigade (which hosted the first Stony Awards). As co-anchor of SNL’s “Weekend Update” with Tina Fey, Poehler delivers the drug news with cheeky charm. A few years ago, she and Horatio Sanz portrayed the lovable stoners in the "Jarred's Room" skit, which earned Sanz a Stony award.

4. Sacha Baron Cohen
His Ali G character, who is the central character of Da Ali G Show (recently named Best HBO show by HIGH TIMES readers), is an unrepentant weed smoker. The opening of the show features him speed-rolling a spliff, he regularly references pot and in one segment of the show, he’s busted in a smoky room. Cohen (as Ali G) appeared on the Oct. ’03 cover of HIGH TIMES and he’s currently filming a movie based on his Kazakhstan character, Borat.

5. Tenacious D
The only duo on this list, Jack Black and Kyle Gass turn comedy upside down. Armed with acoustic guitars like the Smothers Brothers in the ’60s, Black and Gass spin farcical tales full of Black’s impish whimsy. They performed at a NORML benefit in 2003, a year after they appeared on the Aug. ’02 cover of HIGH TIMES. Black’s career has skyrocketed with the success of School of Rock and his role in King Kong. To top all of that, the D’s long-awaited autobiographical movie will come to theaters in the fall.

6. Jon Stewart
The Daily Show anchor loves to remind viewers about his cameo in Half Baked (“have you ever looked at the back of a $20 bill... on weed?”). Never shy to discuss pot, Stewart opposes the marijuana laws, but generally leaves the issue to others—like Bill Maher—to champion.

7. Jim Breuer
As Dave Chappelle’s bud buddy in Half Baked, Breuer’s heavy-lidded stoner practically stole the movie. After a stint on SNL, Breuer found a home at Sirius Satellite Radio (Jim Breuer Unleashed). He hosted the 3rd Annual Stony Awards.

8. Sarah Silverman
Another SNL alum, Silverman has appeared on Greg the Bunny and in School of Rock. In her recently released movie, Jesus Is Magic, she begins and ends her stand-up show with bong hits. Silverman, who dates late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, is known to bake her own pot cookies and share them around Hollywood.

9. Jay Leno
The king of late night loves to dish out pot jokes, usually at the expense of bandleader Kevin Eubanks. On one occasion, Leno showed a copy of Car & Driver featuring him on the cover while Eubanks jovially held up a copy of his favorite magazine, HIGH TIMES, with him mocked up on the cover.

10. Jackie “the Joke Man” Martling
Once Howard Stern’s stoner sidekick, Martling remains a HIGH TIMES favorite for his role in Pot Luck and appearances at the Toronto Cup, the Stony Awards and the 1st Doobie Awards, which he hosted.

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