HIGH TIMES is calling stoner chefs and homegrown cooks to submit their favorite weed-infused recipes. Submissions that pique our palates will be tested, and our most original, tastiest entries will be included in HIGH TIMES. If you are an aspiring chef or baker, this is a great opportunity to promote yourself!

Selection criteria will be based on several factors:


The fewer ingredients and time required to make the dish, the better. Clarity in describing the instructions step-by-step is very important.


Everyone has eaten a pot brownie or a gooball, but have you created an original and interesting dish, perhaps after a late-night bong session? Or out of necessity, have you combined odd leftovers or weird ingredients into something delectably delicious?


Does the food get you feeling "medicated" without the uncomfortable anxiety that is a symptom of too much THC?


Of course, dessert recipes are appreciated in moderation, but we also want savory, lean treats. Extra consideration will be given to vegetarian, and vegan recipes, as well as those that use hemp foods or seasonal, organic ingredients.

Write out your recipes and email them to cookoff@hightimes.com. If your recipe is selected to be published, you will receive a confirmation email.

We reserve the right to edit your submission for length and clarity. Remember, by submitting recipes, you therby grant permission to the publisher to reprint recipes in HIGH TIMES, as well as in any other Trans-High Corp. publication.